Beginner’s Guide: 5 Top Rigs For Perch Fishing

Master perch fishing with our guide to 5 top rigs for perch fishing. Explore the best techniques for a successful fishing trip.
man fishing for perch on a lake

Getting started fishing for Yellow Perch doesn’t have to be a complicated thing. A good rod and reel, some basic fishing tackle and some water to fish is all you need, though with perch, a boat does help.

In this article, I’m going to take a look at the top 5 rigs for perch fishing that will cover most of your fishing situations.

5 Top Rigs For Perch Fishing

When it comes to fishing for yellow perch, there really are only 5 basic rigs. These are jigging, floats, drop shot, live bait, and casting.

Jigging For Perch

Jigging for perch

Jig fishing is a dynamic method favored by many perch anglers due to its effectiveness in attracting active fish. By mimicking the natural movements of prey, a jig creates an enticing presentation that entices perch to strike. Adjust your jigging rhythm to suit the activity level of the fish and experiment with different jig sizes and colors to find what works best. Remember, precision is key when employing the jigging technique to maximize your chances of a successful catch.

Stay small with your jigs. 1/64 to 1/16th ounce in size for waters up to 25′ of water. If you are fishing deeper than that you can stay towards the 1/16th size.

The Slip Bobber Rig for Versatility

One of my favorite ways to fish for panfish is with a bobber and specifically a slip bobber. The slip bobber allows you to easily adjust the depth of your bait, putting it right in front of their faces. The ease of adjusting your depth makes targeting fish holding near the bottom in changing depths. In addition, the slip knot allows you to use a bobber in much deeper water than a traditional clip on bobber would.

You can use slip bobber rig with a jig lure, or keep it simple with just a hook and some bait.

Using the Drop Shot Rig for Precision

People most commonly associate drop shot rigs with Bass fishing, but they can be very effective for perch fishing too. To rig this setup, 12″ to 18″ above the end of your line, tie on your hook using a drop shot knot, then at the end attach your weight. To fish this rig, add some bait like a Berkley PowerBait Power Nymph (Amazon link) and cast into a likely spot. Gently pull and hold your line tight, giving it gentle wiggles. This will hold your lure right in front of their faces and give it some action to entice them to bite.

If you are using sonar and can find a school of fish holding in one spot, using a drop shot rig can put a lot of fish in your boat!

Live bait rig

To enhance your perch fishing experience, consider using a live bait rig. This setup involves live bait to attract perch effectively. By utilizing live bait, you can tap into the natural feeding instincts of these fish, increasing your chances of a successful catch. At its essence, a live bait rig is simply a hook with a worm or other bait on it, with a lead weight a foot or so above it. A marshmallow or air puffer can be used to float your bait up off the bottom, making it easier for the perch to spot.

Casting Panfish Cranks and Spinners

If you like a more active way to catch perch, then casting small crankbaits and spinners is an awesome way to spend a day. Small spinners with soft-bodied bait are very effective against actively biting perch as are crankbaits. This is also a great way to target the bigger perch that are looking for minnows to gulp down.

When picking lures be sure to keep them small. You can’t go wrong with a traditional Beetle Spin lure, Rapala F-5 or a Mini Fat Rap (Amazon links). Also, you don’t want to rip these things back. Perch are an odd combination of aggressive but lazy. They want to hit your lure, but they really don’t want to chase it.

Rapala Mini Fat Rap for Perch fishing

Back To The Dock

Let me wrap this up by saying that these rigs for perch fishing are super simple, but mastering them can take time and practice. The reward though is more and bigger perch. As you learn what the fish in your favorite waters respond best to, you will find yourself outfishing all of your friends.

Give each one of these fishing rigs a try and see what works best for you, in your favorite fishing hole

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