GSI Lexan Flask Review

GSI Lexan Flask review

Lexan Flask For Drinking In Rough Conditions

It has been a while since we first reviewed the GSI Lexan Flask and I wanted to touch on it again and update the page.  You will be happy to know that this flask that we put into service back 4 years ago (or more) is still going strong despite getting lost in our gear for a while and being kicked around on a variety of fishing trips.


It is nice to review a product like this. Anything that can hold my booze and not break when it is dropped on the deck, or is beat around by Thomas’ driving is a great thing in my book!.

The GSI flask is really nice because it has a wide mouth for filling and un-filling, and a top that is easy to grip and take off or put on with one hand. Additionally it has a great profile that is easy to grip and non-slip. Best of all it is relatively cheap. We found our flask for under $10.

In Thomas’ words:
“This flask fits so well in my hand it feels like my hand was designed for it. It has more trouble leaving my hand than entering it. Too bad Cliff sits in the back and can’t reach the flask…well to bad for him only.”

To summarize, the GSI lexan flask gets a big thumbs up from me!

As I said, since we first wrote this review of the GSI Lexan Flask, it has been put through its paces.  It is dirtier now, scuffed up and not so pretty, but it still holds our booze like a champ, which is really what it is supposed to do!

I have read some other reviews that have complained that theirs broke when they knocked it off a table or dropped it, but I am not sure what they are doing to ours because it has been tossed in bins, dropped on the deck and generally abused and is still holding up fine.  I’m sure if you hit it hard enough it will pop, but then again what do you want for a $10 flask?

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