Tying the cluster of maggots fly

Fish love maggots, and this Cluster of Maggots fly is not only easy to tie, but is going to look delicious to any fish that see it!
cluster of maggots fly fishing fly

This post is inspired by a whole bunch of photos of this fly that are linked to completely random articles on Pinterest. Yeah, I know, WTF am I doing on Pinterest? There is some good stuff on there, once you sift through the junk. In this case it is a pretty cool looking fly that imitates a cluster of maggots once you get it underwater.

This one is pretty easy to tie, and in fact I’m pretty sure I could tie this cluster of maggots up if I was so inclined. In any event, here are the video instructions for doing it.

Cluster Maggot Fly Parts List

Here is a quick list of what you will need to tie up this fly beyond the basic fly tying tools and nimble fingers. You can pick them up at your local fly fishing store (I hope).

  • Wide gap – down eye #12-16 hooks
  • Buttercup 6/0 (70d) thread
  • White or cream ultra chenille
  • Ice dubbing (golden brown)

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